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Geo-SAFER Mindanao Program Outputs

Terminal Reports

River Basin/Watershed Reports

Geo-SAFER Agusan-covered Watersheds (within and in the vicinity of Agusan River Basin, Caraga Region)

Geo-SAFER Northern Mindanao/Cotabato-covered Watersheds

    • Alah Watershed, Sultan Kudarat
    • Glan Watershed, Sarangani
    • Kabacan Watershed, North Cotabato
    • Kalaong Watershed, Sarangani
    • Kapingkong Watershed, Sultan Kudarat
    • LunPadidu Watershed, Sarangani
    • M’lang Watershed, North Cotabato
    • Maapag Watershed, Bukidnon
    • Malapatan Watershed, Sarangani
    • Malingon Watershed, Bukidnon
    • Maradugao Watershed, Bukidnon
    • Muleta Watershed, Bukidnon
    • Mulogan Watershed, Misamis Oriental
    • Nabalintungan Watershed, Bukidnon
    • Odiongan Watershed, Misamis Oriental
    • Pangi Watershed, Sarangani
    • Panlibatuhan Watershed, Bukidnon
    • Sigil Watershed, South Cotabato
    • Solana Watershed, Misamis Oriental
    • Taganibong Watershed, Bukidnon
    • Tigwa Watershed, Bukidnon

Geo-SAFER Western Mindanao-covered Watersheds

    • Aloran Watershed, Misamis Occidental
    • Langaran Watershed, Misamis Occidental
    • Larapan Watershed, Lanao del Norte
    • Luagit Watershed, Misamis Oriental
    • Maigo Watershed, Lanao del Norte
    • Manticao Watershed, Misamis Oriental
    • Naawan Watershed, Misamis Oriental
    • Nituan Watershed, Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat
    • Tamontaca Watershed, Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat
    • Titunod Watershed, Lanao del Norte

Geo-SAFER Southeastern Mindanao-covered Watersheds

    • Baganga Watershed, Davao Oriental
    • Baguan Watershed, Davao Oriental
    • Batanan Watershed, Davao Occidental
    • Cateel Watershed, Davao Oriental
    • Dapnan Watershed, Davao Oriental
    • Hijo Watershed, Compostela Valley
    • Lawa Watershed, Davao Occidental
    • Libuganon Watershed, Davao del Norte
    • Mainit Watershed, Davao del Sur
    • Malalag Watershed, Davao del Sur
    • Malita_a Watershed, Davao Occidental
    • Manat Watershed, Compostela Valley
    • Manay Watershed, Davao Oriental
    • Manurigao Watershed, Davao Oriental
    • Matiao Watershed, Compostela Valley
    • McKinley Watershed, Davao del Sur
    • Pilan Watershed, Davao del Sur
    • Pindasan Watershed, Compostela Valley
    • Pintatagan Watershed, Davao Oriental
    • Saug Watershed, Davao del Norte
    • Tamugan Watershed, Davao del Sur
    • Tibungoy Watershed, Davao Occidental
    • Tuganay Watershed, Davao del Norte
    • Upper Agusan Watershed, Compostela Valley

Geo-SAFER ZamBaSulTa-covered Watersheds

    • Aguada Watershed, Basilan
    • Ayala Watershed, Zamboanga City
    • Bacalan Watershed, Zamboanga Sibugay
    • Baluno Watershed, Basilan
    • Bolong Watershed, Zamboanga City
    • Curuan Watershed, Zamboanga City
    • Dicayo Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Dinas Watershed, Zamboanga del Sur
    • Disakan Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Dohinob Diut Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Dohinon Dacu Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Gubauan Watershed, Basilan
    • Ingin Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Labuan Watershed, Zamboanga City
    • Loay Watershed, Sulu
    • Piao (Roxas) Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Piao (Sindangan) Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Sibuguey Watershed, Zamboanga Sibugay
    • Sindangan Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Subah Malum Watershed, Tawi-Tawi
    • Suluan Watershed, Zamboanga Sibugay
    • Tangian Watershed, Zamboanga del Norte
    • Tukuran Watershed, Zamboanga del Sur

Flood Hazard Maps

Note: These are probabilistic flood hazard maps generated through a combination of HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS models. Please refer to the project’s terminal report and/or to the river basin/watershed reports for more details.

The flood hazard depicted are based on rainfall return periods, i.e., based on the probability that an extreme rainfall event will occur in any given year, represented by 1/T, where T is the number of years. For example, a 2-year rain return period flood hazard map will depict areas that will possibly be flooded if a rainfall event will occur with probability of 1/(T=2) = 50%; this means the rainfall event has 50% chance of occurring in any given year. This can also be translated as flooding that maybe caused by a rainfall event that occurs “once every two years“. The same analogy can be applied to other rainfall return period flood hazard maps.

Flood Hazard Maps by River Basin/Watershed

Flood Hazard Maps by Municipality

Flood Hazard GIS Files

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