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CPD Training on GNSS for Land Surveys: October 29-31, 2019 – Call for Participation


After the successful 2nd Geo-Informatics Seminar “Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring” which is the very first Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program offered by the Caraga Center for Geo-Informatics (CCGeo), the Center is once again inviting all Geodetic Engineers and other allied professions to its 2nd CPD Program entitled “Training on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Technology for Land Surveys” this coming October 29-31, 2019 at the Caraga State University, Ampayon, Butuan City.

The training is an accredited Continuing Development Program (CPD) for Geodetic Engineers.

  • CPD Program Accreditation No.: OGE-2018-003-144
  • Approved CPD Credit Units: 12

All Geodetic Engineers who will participate and complete this training will be provided with certificates indicating the number of approved CPD Credit Units. Participants from other professions may apply for crediting of the CPD Units to their respective CPD Councils for evaluation and approval.

Training Course Description

This training will introduce the fundamental principles, concepts, and applications of GNSS for land surveys. Both field and computer-based exercises are included so that participants will be able to apply the concepts learned, and to experience the practical applications of GNSS in land surveys.

Who should attend?

Geodetic Engineers from the academe, government and private agencies/companies are welcome to participate in this training. We especially welcome GEs who wish to have formal training on GNSS technology and its application for land surveys.

Individuals from other allied professions (Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Architecture, etc.) who wish to learn about the technology are also invited to participate.

Training Intended Learning Outcomes

After the completing the training, participants are expected to have:

  • Acquired basic knowledge of GNSS technology and its general applications;
  • Understood fundamental concepts of GNSS technology;
  • Differentiated the GNSS satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Galileo) as well as regional navigation satellite systems based on their characteristics and capabilities;
  • Understood (i.) the different types of GNSS errors and its effects on positioning accuracy, and (ii) the various techniques and approaches in addressing or resolving GNSS errors;
  • Differentiated the various GNSS positioning modes (Static, PPK (Post-process Kinematic), and RTK (Real-time Kinematic)) as used in land surveys based on the components involved and procedures;
  • Understood the guidelines and specifications for conducting land surveys using GNSS based on DAO 2007-29 and DMC 2010-13;
  • Understood the workflow and field procedures for control point establishment using Static GNSS positioning mode;
  • Performed control point establishment using Static GNSS positioning mode in accordance with control survey standard and specifications
  • Performed static GNSS data post-processing, baseline processing and network adjustment;
  • Understood the workflow and field procedures for land surveys using PPK and RTK GNSS positioning modes;
  • Performed land surveying using PPK and RTK GNSS positioning modes; and
  • Post-processed raw PPK and RTK GNSS data.

Training Topics

  • Fundamentals of GNSS (Lecture)
  • Guidelines, specifications, rules and regulations for conducting land surveys using GNSS based on DAO 2007-29, DMC 2010-13, and LMB MC 2015-001
  • Static GNSS Observation for Control Surveys (Hands-on)
  • GNSS Data Processing (Baseline Processing and Network Adjustment) (Hands-on)
  • PPK and RTK GNSS Observations for Topographic and Other Land Surveys (Hands-on)
  • PPK and RTK GNSS Data Processing (Hands-on)

Training Fee

A training fee of P6,000.00 will be collected from each participant to defray the cost of implementing the 3-day training such as honoraria of resource persons, training assistants, and training staff; training modules and certificates; meals (lunches and snacks for each day of the training); venue rental; and costs for provision of GNSS equipment, computer hardware, and software, among others.

Training fees are exclusive of accommodation. Each participant is responsible for their respective accommodation.

The training fee shall be paid in advance on or before October 22, 2019 at the Cashier’s Office, Caraga State University, Ampayon, Butuan City.

Payment maybe made in cash or in check.

If payment is to be made by check, please make the check payable to “CARAGA STATE UNIVERSITY”.

Please inform us in advance before making any cash or check payment. When paying, kindly inform the cashier that the payment is for “CCGeo’s Training on GNSS for Land Surveys”.

After payment is made, kindly e-mail a photo or scanned copy of your receipt to

Slots will be reserved only for participants who have paid the training fee in advance. Special considerations will be given to participants coming from government agencies whose processing and disbursement of training fee payments usually takes a long time.

Some remarks

The training fee is strictly non-refundable, except when the training is cancelled by CCGeo due to meritorious reasons.

The training maybe cancelled if:

  • the minimum number of participants, which is 20, is not reached;
  • occurrence of natural and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of the training and restrict participants from attending the training.

In any of these cases, request for refund from the University Cashier’s Office will be initiated by CCGeo for participants who have already paid the training fee.

Online Pre-registration

Interested participants are required to fill-up the online pre-registration form. After the pre-registration, a formal invitation letter will be sent, including training details (e.g., program of activities), and instructions for payment of training fee.

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