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CCGeo Researchers to develop a geodatabase of ITPs in Caraga Region


Researchers of CCGeo will be embarking on a 1.5-year project entitled “Development of a Geodatabase of Industrial Tree Plantations in Caraga Region Using Remote Sensing and GIS“, for the mapping and development of a geographic database of ITPs in Caraga Region starting this year.

The said project, shortly referred to as the “ITPS Mapping Project”, is one of the component projects of a Grant-In-Aid (GIA) program funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) under its Niche Centers in the Region (NICER) Program for the establishment of the Industrial Tree Plantation Species Research and Innovation Center. The NICER is a component of DOST’s Science for Change Program (S4CP) launched in 2017 which aims to spur S&T-based sustainable development by establishing research and innovation centers in the regions for its key commodity or service to become its niche.

The ITP Mapping Project, which will be headed by the current CCGeo Director, Engr. Jojene R. Santillan as Project Leader, aims to address the limited availability of spatial information about ITPs in the regions, making it difficult to understand many relevant questions such as:

  • Where are the ITPs located in Caraga Region? What are the extents of these ITPs?
  • What ITP species are currently planted?
  • Are there areas available for establishing new ITPs?
  • Where are the processing plants currently located? How efficient are these processing plants in log production? Where should we establish processing plants to ensure efficient log production?

Obtaining the above information and integrating it with other datasets is valuable for efficient management and monitoring of ITPs in the region. It can also be used for market projections, economic forecast models in relation to climate change scenarios, and for other purposes requiring wood industry-based information. On the other hand, monitoring the extent of ITPs is critical for understanding environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

Read the full press release about the ITPS Center NICER Program here.